Hospital seeks $2 million grant to meet potential COVID-19 surge

(Photo courtesy of SMH)

Sheridan Memorial Hospital is seeking just over $2 million in grant funds so the facility’s staff can more effectively meet a surge in COVID-19 patients.

Memorial’s CEO Mike McCafferty said the grant, if approved, would update infrastructure on the hospital’s second and third floors.

The money would come from the federal Coronavirus Relief Grant Program, which is administered through Wyoming’s State Loan and Investment Board. A resolution authorizing the grant application was adopted by hospital trustees in a special meeting Tuesday.

By more effectively allowing the hospital to meet needs of a potential surge, upgrading the second and third floor rooms also will enhance Sheridan Memorial’s Transitional Care Unit and mental health bed capacity, according to the resolution.

According to material provided by the hospital in support of the application, the hospital currently has a shortage of reverse isolation units, which prevents hospital staff from appropriately segregating infectious and non-infectious patients.

Without the upgrade in infrastructure on the second and third floors, in event of a surge, to effectively care for those patients, the hospital would have to close the transitional care unit.

Also according to supporting information, the hospital’s HVAC and electrical infrastructure on the second and third floors are currently outdated and out of compliance for use in patient care areas.

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