Options under consideration for Gillette College

The next step for Gillette College is being explored.

Less than a week after college board trustees rejected an offer by the Gillette College Foundation joint powers board to fund athletics at the college, Foundation Board President David Horning said he knows groups are exploring the next step for the college.

But, he said, at this time, he doesn’t know what that next step will be.

Trustees of the Northern Wyoming Community College District, which includes Sheridan and Gillette colleges and Sheridan College in Johnson County, last week adopted a budget that included suspension of all Division I athletics in the colleges to help meet an expected $4 million shortfall in revenues. In addition, the budget also eliminates Energy City Voices, the Gillette College show choir.

In a presentation to trustees during their budget hearing, Horning said the Gillette College Foundation would pay salaries and benefits of athletic coaches and staff as well as salaries and benefits for the Voices director and assistant director and other expenses to keep the programs going at Gillette College.

Horning said the college foundation joint powers board hasn’t had a chance to meet since the budget hearing.

But, he added, board members want to be able to do everything they can to try and save Gillette College as it was built and as it now exists.

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