Governor Gordon Provides COVID-19 Update at News Briefing

(Image courtesy of of wikimedia commons)

Wyoming Governor Mark Gordon provided an update on COVID-19 at a news briefing Tuesday afternoon. Sheridan Media’s Ron Richter has the details.


Governor Gordon began the briefing by saying that in the past week, there have been 106 new laboratory confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Wyoming.

Gov. Gordon

State Health Officer Dr. Alexia Harrist addressed the rise in cases in Uinta County.

Dr. Harrist

During his closing, Governor Gordon encouraged people to be mindful of others when out in public.

Gov. Gordon

The Governor also touched on the state’s economy and tourism during his news briefing. We’ll have more details on those issues in a future story.

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Thomas Jones
10 months ago

The Governor talks about the recklessness of young people at some unnamed group event that caused a spike in Uinta county, but fails to mention the large gathering for a protest here in Sheridan where social distancing and masking ‘rules’ flew out the window. Isnt that also dangerous? I would say that if anyone wants to have a large gathering, just call it a protest, and all will be good.

Elena Barber
10 months ago
Reply to  Thomas Jones

Good plan for future gatherings,now that we know what to call them sky is the limit. Thanks for the info.

Harriett Oleson
10 months ago
Reply to  Thomas Jones

No Masks!!! I would agree Thomas,-“reckless” is a good word. As reckless as the 100’s of folks in bars, the demonstrators for Black Lives Matter, the folks crowding on beaches, reckless as the many shoppers in Sheridan’s stores, reckless as the people attending political rallies, reckless as the some members of Congress, the vice-president, the white house staff, reckless as President Trump– the list of reckless people infecting others or being infected includes about all of us.. Ridiculous, how “reckless” we ALL are.