Spanish Influenza, Nov.15, 1918

Sheridan Media reporter Pat Blair looks back in time, over 100 years ago, to the impact of Spanish influenza as reported in the pages of the Sheridan Enterprise in 1918.

Although eight new cases of influenza were reported to County Health Officer Hurd today, Nov. 15, not a death was reported for either the city or the county.

One death was reported on Burlington train No. 43 at Ulm tonight. The deceased was John Daly of Moorcroft, who was en route to enter the emergency hospital in Sheridan.

It was announced that because of the influenza, teachers’ examinations will be postponed until Dec. 26 to 28 inclusive.

The management of the Central Hall have postponed the celebration dance scheduled for Nov. 18, deciding it is probably dangerous to have a dance just yet because of the influenza.

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