ACHS Graduation 2020

By Cynthia Vannoy

The ACHS, School District #3 graduated nine students on May 24, 2020, McKenna A. Auzqui, daughter of Charles and Alicia Auzqui;  Kailei-Mai J. Beam, daughter of Tony and Krysti Dycus; Ashlynn M. Fennema, daughter of Jim and Kati Fennema; Anthony J. Graves, son of Paul and Heidi Borgialli and Russell Graves; Colin D. Mallie, son of LeRoy and Kris Malli; Parker M. Manor, son of Kent and Cody Manor; Kiara K. Neill, daughter of Mark and Shanna Neill; Chris M. Pierson, son of Donna Pierson, and Madison D. George, daughter of Chris and Iris George.

       The ceremony was held in the school gym, with around 100 people attending. 

       Due to the Covid-19, temperatures were taken before entering the gym, and each graduate was accompanied by family in the processional, and sat with family during the ceremony instead of being seated on the riser. 

       The national anthem was sung by McKenna Auzqui and Kaiei-Main Beam, and scholarships were presented by Counselor Loyce Ellingrod. McKenna Auzqui was Salutatorian, who urged the graduates to, “Do what you can,” and  that they should not to change their dreams to fit the mold of others.   She then shared a short memory of each of the seniors during their time together.

        Ashlynn Fennema was Valedictorian and she spoke of overcoming adversity, sharing examples of how each of her classmates had done just that through the years.  “Don’t give up,” she urged them, “Take chances and live in the moment.”

        Commencement speaker was Dan Barent. Who talked of teachers, including parents, who taught each of the graduates valuable lessons as well as teaching them academics.  “With every success you learn and grow,” he told them.  “Value each moment, enjoy a sunset, and choose your attitude.”  He added, “No one else is exactly like you, so search for your purpose in life.”

       Following his speech McKenna Auzqui and upcoming senior Torrey Veach performed that A/C Branding Iron tradition, where each graduating class ties ribbons in the class colors and passes it on to the upcoming seniors. 

       Tassels were moved and the hats were thrown in the air, concluding the 2020 Graduation Ceremony. 

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