Wyoming Schools to Receive Over $32 Million From Relief Fund Through CARES Act

The Wyoming Department of Education announced that Wyoming will receive a little over $32.5 million allocated to the Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief Fund that was authorized under the Coronavirus Aid, relief and Economic Security, or CARES Act. Superintendent of Public Instruction Jillian Balow said that “Wyoming education should not go back to normal” and that school districts and schools will utilize ESSER Funds to make schools more nimble and safer in the face of a resurgence or future pandemic.

According to the Department of Education, the ESSER Funds will provide Wyoming school districts with emergency relief funds to address the impact that COVID-19 has had, and will continue to have, on elementary and secondary schools across the state. The allocation is in the same proportion as Wyoming received under Part A of Title I of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act in fiscal year 2019.

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