WYO Rodeo Board Planning for 2020 Event

(Photo Ron Richter ©)

The COVID-19 pandemic has shut down a number of events in Sheridan and Sheridan County, but this year’s Sheridan-WYO Rodeo may not be one of them.

Zane Garstad, who’s vice president of the rodeo board, said Friday that the board is still hopeful that the 90th anniversary edition of the WYO Rodeo can be held as scheduled this summer.

Gardstad said this will be the 90th anniversary of the WYO Rodeo. But more than that, he said, the board wants to have the rodeo because it’s such an important part of our culture and our community.

He said in addition to that, the WYO Rodeo generates about $6 million for the community during the approximately one week of festivities including the rodeo performances and other activities associated with them.

At the same time, Garstad said, while the board and others want the rodeo to happen, they aren’t being haphazard in the way they’re approaching the event. He said they are cognizant of the need to provide a safe environment for the rodeo fans and the community.

Garstad said the board is looking at reviewing the status of the rodeo and rodeo plans around June 1.

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Dennis Fox
1 year ago

Well done, Mr Gardstad! Americans always plan for success. If 911, Y2K and the 2008 crash couldn’t stop our rodeo, then why should a flu bug. It would be a boast to our community finances and our Spirit. How many times in it’s 90 year history has it actually been shut down?

Ezra petersen
1 year ago
Reply to  Dennis Fox

You do know that Y2K was just hysteria, nothing actually happened right ? 9/11 was a one day event and the rodeo had already happened that year it’s in July ya know. And 2008 crash? All the more reason for this booze soaked town to drink. This corona world is different Dennis. It’ll probably be canceled, though I am not for that I will tell you. But I can see people on this rodeo board who thought they had some type of authority angry that they were shut down by someone who actually does. Well maybe they don’t really have authority, but the sheeple think they do.