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Urban Thrift will be closing its doors for good Friday, June 28

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In a released statement, The Hub on Smith has announced that their store, Urban Thrift, located on Main Street in Sheridan will be closing its doors for good on June 28. 

The Hub explained that due to a significant cost of repairs that need completed on the building, neither The Hub nor the organization that owns the building, the Wyoming Community Foundation, are able continue the partnership and the decision was made to sell the building.

Below is the release from the Hub on Smith regarding the closing. 

To our customers, supporters, volunteers, and the community of Sheridan, The Hub on Smith is sad to share that Urban Thrift will be closing on Friday, June 28th. Urban Thrift, which opened in 2014 as the Green Boomerang, began as a concept to provide a source of funding for the programs at The Hub on Smith. It was an early success with enthusiastic volunteers and senior center employees helping and developing during the start-up. The community of Sheridan embraced the thrift store and we have been humbled by the support through donations, purchases, and volunteers for the past decade. We love being a part of the community in this way, providing quality goods at an affordable price to our loyal customers. We look forward to seeing your faces in the store and are grateful for the time we were able to serve the community.

Since 2016, we have had the privilege of being on the vibrant Main Street in Sheridan due to the generosity of Kim Love, who purchased the building specifically for Urban Thrift to occupy. We are so grateful for his generosity that allowed us to rent the building at a reduced price, which helped us to maintain the purpose of the thrift store, generating funds for programs at The Hub.  

In 2022, the building was given to Wyoming Community Foundation and we had hoped to occupy the space indefinitely.  Unfortunately, due to the significant cost of repairs that need completed on the building, neither The Hub nor the Wyoming Community Foundation are able continue the partnership as is and the decision was made to sell the building.  

The building at 226 N. Main is in the process of being sold and we are excited for the new owner and the future of the historic space. The repairs and maintenance that The Hub was unable to fund will be taken care of and this gem will soon be a shining landmark on Main Street.

The Hub is focused on our mission to serve older adults for the betterment of our community, and we are always changing and adapting to provide the best possible services for our treasured patrons. This is one of those seasons of change, and we appreciate your grace as we transition.  

We would love to see your faces in our store during the last month of our operations. Please be on the lookout for store sales as we liquidate the inventory. Due to our closing, we unfortunately are no longer able to accept donations and we encourage blessing our other local thrift stores with your quality donations. And as always, The Hub will continue to offer our quality services to the community and you are welcome to stop into the center at 211 Smith Street at any time for dining, activities, and a warm smile.

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1 Comment

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    Beth Manthei

    May 31, 2024 at 2:15 pm

    So sad to see this tasteful and friendly thrift store close its doors. See you all in June!

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