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Scammers return to a proven technique to defraud residents in Sheridan

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An older type of scam has resurfaced and is being reported by residents to the Sheridan County Sheriff’s Office. 

While appearing on Sheridan Media’s Public Pulse, Sheridan County Sheriff Levi Dominguez alerted the public to the scam that involves cashing a check by victims for an unverified source.

More often than not, the target is a senior in the community being contacted by an individual impersonating a representative of a company that needs their help. 

Sheriff L. Dominguez

According to the Sheriff, some bank tellers in the Sheridan area have been able to assist in the matter by identifying the scam and helping some seniors before the con went any further. But in another case, Dominguez said an elderly man lost an undisclosed amount of money before investigators tracked the fraudulent checks to the victim.  

Victims are being sent the checks to cash under the guise of assisting a legitimate company with promises of being compensated for their service. But once the checks are cashed and the funds are transferred, the scammers disappear and the victim has become an unknowing accomplice and in at least one case, lost funds themselves. 

Sheriff L. Dominguez

If you or a loved one receive an email, phone call, text message or US Mail requesting assistance to cash a check in return for a percentage for services, notify the Sheridan County Sheriff’s Office immediately. 

Scammers attempt to stay one step ahead of law enforcement by switching techniques and modes of communication. If any offer appears to be too good to be true, it’s very possible that you have discovered a scam. 

Notify the Sheridan County Sheriff’s Office if you feel that either yourself or a loved one have been a victim or potential victim of a scam at 307- 672-3455. On top of ongoing investigations involving scams, the Sheriff and his investigative team keep track of all attempted or failed scams. 

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