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Tongue River Reservoir has some new camping regulations this year

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Tongue River Reservoir is situated among scenic red shale, juniper canyons, and the open prairies of southeastern Montana. It is a very popular destination for anglers, recreationalists, campers and local history buffs.

While appearing on Sheridan Media’s Public Pulse, Tongue River Reservoir State Park Ranger Spencer Morris informed campers of the some new regulations regarding the campsites available in the park. 

Due to complications in the past involving camper sites with electricity, Montana State Parks leadership have written and implemented a reservation policy regarding those specific sites. 

Morris said before the policy was put into place, park rangers had no official regulations in which to refer when visitors had disputes over the use of a particular campsite. 

S. Morris 

Due to the popularity of the camping in the area, officials have also had to implement a limit on the amount of days campers can occupy a specific site. 

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