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Vehicle Extrication

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At 6:03 pm Monday, May 20, Sheridan Fire-Rescue, Sheridan Police Department, and Wyoming Regional EMS responded to a reported vehicle accident with injury at North Main Street and Fort Road. EMS arrived on scene finding a single vehicle and informed Sheridan Fire-Rescue Engine 2 (E-2) that extrication would be needed to remove the lone occupant.

SFR fire crews arrived on scene finding a single vehicle resting between the posts of a large advertising sign on the east side of the road. E-2’s crew deployed the jaws of life and stabilization equipment to begin removing parts of the damaged vehicle from around the occupant. Due to the crash forces and direction of impact, the vehicle was excessively deformed and parts of the vehicle were wrapped around the sign posts.

Pieces of the vehicle were slowly and methodically removed that were impinging upon the driver. A towing company wrecker was also utilized in an attempt to dislodge the vehicle from the sign to create a more accessible work area, but this was futile because of the angle of the vehicle wedged in between the sign.

After strategic removal and extensive care to not cause further injury, the occupant was finally cleared of the entrapment after a long duration extrication. SPD officers assisted the fire crew with providing traffic and bystander control. Wyoming Regional EMS provided patient care throughout the duration of the extrication and transport to Sheridan Memorial Hospital.

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