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Governor to Discuss Property Tax Relief at AARP TeleTown Hall on May 24

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After signing multiple property tax relief bills into law during the 2024 Legislative Session, Governor Gordon will discuss the changes at an AARP Wyoming TeleTown Hall on Friday, May 24 at 3 pm. 

The Governor will be joined by Brenda Henson, Director of the Wyoming Department of Revenue for the call. Governor Gordon will discuss why he felt it was so critical to support targeted property tax relief, while Henson will explain how Wyoming citizens can utilize Wyoming’s property tax relief mechanisms.

The Governor signed House Bill 3 – Property tax exemption for long-term homeowners; House Bill 45 – Property tax exemption-residential structures and land; and Senate File 89 – Veterans ad valorem exemption-amount. House Bill 3 provides an exemption of 50% of a property’s value for primary residence homeowners if the primary owner of the residence or their spouse is 65 or older and has paid property taxes in the state for 25 years or more. House Bill 45 puts a 4% cap on year-to-year property tax increases on residential structures and land, while Senate File 89 doubles the veterans tax exemption from $3,000 to $6,000 of assessed value. 

In addition, House Bill 4 was enacted, increasing the amount of income you can make and still apply for the Property Tax Refund program. Now, you can make up to 145% of your county’s median income and still apply for a refund on your previous year’s property tax. This program requires an application through the Wyoming Department of Revenue ( by June 3. Applications are also available at local county treasurer’s offices.

Those interested in participating in the TeleTown Hall can dial 1-855-274-1448 or visit the AARP Wyoming’s Facebook page at:

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