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Senator Barrasso Addresses the Economy During Senate Floor Speech

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U.S. Senator John Barrasso (R-WY) spoke about Bidenomics and its negative impact on the American people during an address on the Senate floor this week. Senator Barrasso said Joe Biden is clearly the President of high prices.

u.s. senator john barrasso

Barrasso said President Biden continues to repeat a falsehood.

u.s. senator john barrasso

Barrasso also said home ownership is slipping far out of the reach of most young married couples and young people trying to start a family, as borrowing costs have gone from 2.7 percent when Biden took office, to currently being over 7 percent. The Senator added that other costs – utility costs, insurance costs, all costs – are climbing and they’re all caused by the amount of spending we’ve had under this administration.

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