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Budget season in Sheridan County

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Sheridan County Commissioner Chair Nick Siddle and Commissioner Tom Ringly made an appearance on Sheridan Media’s Public Pulse to discuss the ongoing budget process. 

According to the Office of the Sheridan County Clerk, the County budget process begins in March of each year with the distribution of budget request worksheets and ends when the County Commissioners approve a balanced budget. 

On or before May 1, of each year all budget requests must be submitted to the County Budget Officer.

On or before May 15, the County Budget Officer presents a tentative budget to the County Commissioners.

Chairman Siddle said the commission has begun to hold meetings with department heads. 

Commission Chair N. Siddle  

Commissioner Ringley has stated in the past that the level of professionalism and expertise from the County’s department heads is reflected in their budget proposals. But periodically the departments may require a large expenditure, either for equipment or renovations. These requests do not happen often, according to Ringley. But the commission makes efforts to save for future projects should the departments need to be updated or improved. 

Commissioner T. Ringley 

One week prior to the budget hearing, the County shall publish a summary of the proposed budget in the newspaper of general circulation.

A budget hearing is not held earlier than the second Monday in July and not later than the third Monday in July.

County Commissioners must approve a balanced budget within twenty-four hours of the budget hearing.

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