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Two Authors, Two Weeks Book Tour Comes to Sheridan

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On April 20th two authors, JB Harris and Kim McCollum who are beginning their #Getafterit Book Tour, which, according to Harris, “Aims to Change the Face of Book Promotion,” were signing their first novels at Sheridan Stationary Books and Gifts.

McCollum’s book is titled, What Happens in Montana and Harris’ book is The Immigrant’s Wife. The two are driving from Montana to Maine, appearing at venues that are willing to support their efforts to make great books available across the country.

The second stop on their tour was at Sheridan Stationary, they first did a book signing in Billings, Montana which Harris said, “We did really well there. We are very excited about the tour.”

She added, “As it says there, Two Authors – Two Weeks – 2326 Miles,

She said that independent bookstores do send out newsletters about the newest books, but it is limited in scope. She started realizing that.

Both of the authors said they have had a lot of good feedback from readers, and it’s great to get that feedback. Harris said,

She is currently working on her second novel.

McCollum talked about the feedback she has received on her book as well.

She is also working on her second novel, titled “Harriet hates Lemonade.

Jessica Bonsack, owner of Sheridan Stationary, said about the authors tour

She gave a brief synopsis of each book. She said this about What Happens in Montana,

Tyler Julian of the Friends of the Library said that the Friends helped with the reception and provided the snacks. They are also welcoming new members, so anyone interested can contact the Sheridan County Fulmer Library.

The two will continue the tour until they arrive at the Novel in Portland, Maine on May 3.

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