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Chief and Captain speak on training the force

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Chief of the Sheridan Police Department Travis Koltiska and Captain Tom Ringley appeared on Sheridan Media’s Public pulse to discuss the training of SPD officers. 

According to the Captain, the Sheridan Police Department recognizes it has a responsibility to the community to maintain a capable, responsive and professional workforce. The department is aware that its training program is an important aspect in staffing the department with individuals who will serve the community with professionalism, pride and integrity.

Sending officers to train at specialty schools or courses is expensive. Having the ability to train “in house” is not only cheaper but very effective when ensuring each officer has received not only the training required but training in a specific field of policing, Chief Koltiska said.

When it comes to the yearly required training needed by each officer, the SPD has the capability to keep their officers certified without having to send staff to courses or schools in other cities, Captain Ringley said. 

Capt. T. Ringley

According to the Captain, the training goals of the department are to meet the following 

A. Ensure training meets the operational needs of the department; 

B. Ensure training satisfies individual job knowledge and skill requirements; 

C. Ensure training fosters unity of purpose and cooperation in departmental operations; 

D. Ensure training properly prepares employees to act decisively and correctly in a wide spectrum of circumstances; 

E. Ensure training meets the requirements of the Peace Officers Standards and Training (POST) Commission for continuing education;

 F. Assists individuals with career development and advancement.

To learn more about the SPD or to learn how to apply to be an officer of the SPD, click here.

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