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Sheridan Commission Approves Airport Weather Agreement

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Sheridan County has approved an agreement between the county and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for the airport to provide weather information for planes entering and leaving the airport.

Airport Manager Robert Gill explains the agreement further.

Gill said the airport handles their training for weather observers in-house, with three of them currently certified.

The plan is to get more people trained and certified at the airport.

The contract, according to Gill, needs be reviewed and updated every three years.



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    Dennis Fox

    March 26, 2024 at 6:03 pm

    The Board is good at routine stuff, but seems unable to read and follow the law, when it comes to vitally important matters like filling a vacancy. Why is having an odd number of commissioners so important? Cuz we see how badly they Fail when there are Four!
    And we still don’t have an answer as to why commish Chris completely failed to vote at ALL! No motion. No Second. No vote at all!
    In fact, she Failed to Participate completely!
    She Failed to do her Job!
    Result: Mission Failure, that Forced a Judge to do her Job. Removal of the Chairwoman seems an Obvious Given.

  2. Avatar photo

    Dennis Fox

    March 26, 2024 at 11:48 pm

    Maybe we should focus on the one commissioner most responsible for the Four’s Failure to follow the Law and perform a simple task: select one of the three nominees.
    Commish Chris was running the show back then and she’s the one who chose the wrong procedure. She used a “motion and second” when a simple roll call was the right choice. She also refused to do her job by not “motioning” or “seconding” anyone.
    She could have saved taxpayers hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars by uttering just one simple word: “second.”
    But she refused to do her statutory duties. She Failed to select one of the nominees, forcing a Judge to do her Job.
    The Chair (Chris) stated all 3 were “unqualified”, which is totally False. And it wasn’t the Board’s job to sit in judgement of the nominees. The 106 member Party committee had already fully vetted and qualified the three and Nominated them. All the Four had to do was pick ONE.
    They Failed under Commish Chris’s Direction.
    And then instead of re-voting or discussing the matter in executive session. She gaveled the meeting closed.
    She Quit. She failed to fill the seat.
    There’s absolutely no denying that the Four Failed!
    While all four commissioners failed the good people of Sheridan County, Commish Chris is the one person Most responsible for the Failed Four breaking the Law!.
    If nothing else, she should be charged with gross dereliction of duty and removed from office.
    This whole thing stinks of corruption, incompetence and conspiracy.
    The lawlessness of the East, has now come WEST!
    Let’s STOP It, in its Tracks.

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