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Sheridan Commission OKs USFS Law Enforcement Agreement

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In the consent portion of their agenda at their most recent meeting, the Sheridan County Commission approved a Cooperative Law Enforcement Annual Operating & Financial Plan between the county and the USDA, US Forest Service, Bighorn National Forest.

The agreement will have the Sheridan County Sheriff’s Office perform law enforcement patrol duties in the Bighorn National Forest, such as patrol of Forest Service roads, campgrounds, developed sites or dispersed areas from June 1 through October 30 with the primary purpose to protect forest users from bodily harm or other abuse from any group or individual, prevention of damage to public property, prevention of vandalism, and prevention of damage to government-owned administrative sites.

The USFS will reimburse the county at $40 per hour as well as $25 an hour for an additional enforcement officer as a passenger for up to a total of not more than $10,200 for the services.

The agreement will be in effect until December 31, 2025.



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    Dennis Fox

    March 25, 2024 at 5:14 pm

    Boy those commissioners really seem to be working hard. At least they’re getting lots of coverage by the media and appear to be doing their job, finally. Maybe the close call with the Law was a positive influence on the Failed Four.
    Maybe they’ll do even better if we take them to court again?
    Still no mention of the Rhino-virus.
    I say leave the man alone. He finally has his priorities straight.

  2. Avatar photo

    Dennis Fox

    March 27, 2024 at 4:35 pm

    Maybe the focus should be on the chairwoman at the time of vacancy-filling failure. She was most responsible for the failure since she:
    -Failed to understand that a Judge was NOT part of the normal process.
    -Failed to use the right voting procedure, which was a roll-call vote; with chair abstaining as the tie-breaker.
    -Failed to try any other voting procedure.
    -Failed to direct an additional exec. session to discuss.
    -Failed to re-vote. Just one and done.
    -Failed to extend the proceedings and at least try to succeed. She just Quit!
    -Failed to understand all three had already been “Nominated.”
    -Failed to Fill the Vacancy, as required by Law.
    In short, the chairwoman planned, directed and presided over the most Significant and Important Failure in Modern Sheridan County Commission History…and with no consequences to herself.
    If this stands, we can expect more Lawlessness from our commissioners.
    Still hoping one of them has enough Honor and Integrity to come forward with the Truth.
    What say you colonel?

  3. Avatar photo

    Dennis Fox

    March 29, 2024 at 5:06 pm

    None of the expense in time and money would have happened, if Commish Chris had said just one, simple, word: “Second”.
    The responsibility of the Four commissioner Failing to select one of the three, rests primarily on her shoulders.
    And all she has to do to avoid further time and expense (to taxpayers) and retain a modicum of integrity; is to apologize for her mistakes and resign.
    For Justice to be served, she has to be removed from office; either voluntarily or by a judge.

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