County Democrats Vote by Mail

Democrats across Wyoming, including Sheridan County, are voting for their presidential preferences by mail. (Photo by Pat Blair)

In an effort to minimize the risks of COVID-19, Democrats across Wyoming are voting in the presidential preference caucus by mail.

Hollis Hackman, who’s chairman of the Sheridan County Democrats, said the announcement was made earlier this week by the chairman of the state Democratic party.

Hackman said mail-in voting has been going on for about a month. He said requests for ballots must be made by the end of March, and they must be postmarked by April 17 to be counted.

He said Democrats have rolled out ranked-choice voting for the presidential preferences this year, meaning that they can vote for up to five presidential candidates.

Hackman said individuals must have registered as Democrats before March 20 in order to receive a ballot.

According to the state Democratic website, counties will hold county Democratic conventions and elect delegates to the state convention electronically, but Hackman said the details of that haven’t yet been worked out. He said the state party is working on that, and more information is expected in future.

He said so far as he knows, the state Democratic convention is still scheduled for June 6 in Powell.

Individuals who are registered as Democrats and who have not yet secured a presidential preference ballot can do so by going online to the state Democratic party website at

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