Sheridan Commission OKs Funding for Airport Apron Expansion

Sheridan County’s Commissioners voted to approve and accept federl funding for the expansion of the General Aviation Apron at the County Airport.

According to a memo from Airport Manager Robert Gill, the Federal Assistance is from the 2023 and 2024 AIP (Airport Improvement Program) Grant entitlement funds and from 2024 BIL (Bipartisan Infrastructure Law) Grant Funding.

The memo explained that increasing operations at the airport have made it difficult to accommodate transient aircraft for parking. Increased private jet traffic and general aviation have strained the airport for enough ramp space, and the project will allow more aircraft parking to accommodate the increase in traffic.

Gill explained the breakdown of the funding for the project.

The commission voted to approve the applications for funding on the project with Commissioner Holly Jennings voting no.


  1. Sounds swell. The big problem I see is that, if what I’ve heard is true, Sheridan risks losing control of its airport. Again, IF, what I’ve heard is true, the verbiage of the contract includes specifications as to compliance measurements which, in turn, involve “woke” ideas from ESG, DEI, etc. If that is so, one violation of any such “woke” conditions may put the county in a bad situation. Seems the countil has acted prematurely in this matter and I hope the county attorneys will closely examine the contractual conditions alluded to above.

  2. Why did Jennings vote against it? I’m not going to buy a flippant dismissal that she voted no because her dad told her to or because, “She says ‘no’ to everything.” She’s an intelligent and independent-thinking person. What’s the downside that was left out of this report?

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