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Paving About To Start On Main Street At The Middle Of Downtown Sheridan

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Some businesses along Main Street, in the heart of downtown Sheridan are about to get some of the construction relief that they’ve been waiting for.

Sometime this week, construction crews will start pouring the concrete on Main Street between Alger Street and Grinnell Plaza, including the Main and Grinnell intersection.

The road is scheduled to reopen to motor vehicle traffic sometime during the first week of October.

Originally, construction crews had planned to pave all 3 blocks of Main Street, between Alger and Loucks Streets simultaneously and were not planning on starting that for another 2 weeks down the road.

Those businesses on Main Street between Alger Street and Grinnell Plaza became concerned, because not only has their block been closed since just after the 4th of July, which is peak tourist season, they’ve felt impacts from the construction since it started back in April.

The block they are on was adjacent to the initial closure area.

Erin Kranz who is the manager of Urban Thrift says the business have been cooperating the best they can, even when there’s been some minor changes to the plan, but when the initial paving plan was made a few weeks ago, that idea didn’t sit well with many.

Erin Kranz

“I think everybody was really scared just because we have been dealing with it. We’ve taken the majority of the time of the project with the businesses being impacted and then our streets were closed the other day as were the ability to cross over. Which is always hard for tourists who come down and for our community as well.”

As for the section of Main Street between Grinnell Plaza and Loucks Streets, construction crews are planning on getting that area re-opened in late October, but with the change in paving plans, it’s possible those two blocks may not reopen until early November.

1 Comment

1 Comment

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    judy decker

    September 19, 2023 at 7:34 am

    Get Mainstreet open now!!
    You are ruining our town for our guests and tourists. This will affect Sheridan this year and next year. Stop pinching pennies and get it done. Leave our trees alone too!

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