Utility Director speaks on North Heights water line replacement

While appearing on Sheridan Media’s Public Pulse, City of Sheridan Utilities Director Dan Roberts spoke on a project taking place in the North Heights neighborhood. 

Many of the water lines in the City of Sheridan are made from metal alloys. The pipes used in the original construction of the North Heights area were Ductile Iron Pipe. Over time, the highly acidic soils can cause deterioration in these pipes, resulting in small holes. In the past, city crews have worked year round to patch these holes but in many areas of North Heights, the wear on the pipes has grown to be too much for patch jobs. 

D. Roberts

According to Roberts, the work will minimize the impact on residents in the area as many leaks in the lines happened during winter months. 

The project has completed phase I and the system is substantially completed and water is flowing. 

D. Roberts

The phases of the project are scheduled replacements of lines in different areas of North Heights. 

Roberts estimates that phase III of the project will begin in the Spring of 2024.

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