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Wyoming Chess Championship to be held in Sheridan

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The Sheridan Chess Association, (SCA), a 501c3, will host the Wyoming Chess Championship Tournament on Saturday, Sept. 23 and Sunday, Sept. 24 at the Ramada Plaza Convention Center.

While appearing on Sheridan Media’s Public Pulse, lifelong chess competitors and Sheridan Chess Association board members Dan Casey and Mac McLaughlin spoke on the upcoming tournament designed for chess players specifically from the Cowboy State.

Sheridan Chess Association board member, Dan Casey. 

D. Casey

The Open Section will feature a five-round swiss style. Participants in the Championship Section must be members of the Wyoming Chess Association and the section is open only to the six highest rated players from Wyoming who are present and check in Saturday, Sept. 23, from 8:00-8:30 a.m. The Championship Section will be used to determine the 2023 Wyoming State Champion. The winner of the 2023 Open Section will qualify for the 2024 Championship Section.

The public is encouraged to attend and spectate as some of the best chess players in the Cowboy State take to the board.  THe Sheridan Chess Association has donated large amounts of reading and multimedia material on chess to the Fulmer Library for the public’s enjoyment and further chess education. The association has also donated chess boards to local schools to continue the tradition of the 3,000 year old game. 

According to McLaughlin, Sheridan features some of the best chess players in the nation. And the association would like to grow the organization to include anyone with an interest in the game of kings. 

M. McLaughlin 

To learn more about the upcoming Wyoming Chess Championship Tournament, click here.

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