Media and Politics Focus of Conversation

Community conversation attendees talk about the impact of media on politics. (Photo by Pat Blair)

Less than a dozen people gathered around a table Thursday afternoon to talk about the impact of the media on politics in the next-to-last community conversation of this spring.

A final community conversation on the same topic is scheduled from 9 a.m. to noon Saturday in Sheridan Memorial Hospital’s community room on Gould Street.

The conversations are provided by the Center for a Vital Community, and Amy Albrecht, who’s the center director, said the conversations aren’t about solving problems. They are, rather, about communication.

Those who come to the conversations are seated at tables, and each table has a facilitator and a scribe. Participants are given three questions about the topic, they have two minutes to think about what they want to say, then they answer the questions.

After everyone has spoken, the participants then have a time to ask their own questions for clarification or more information about something someone has said.

The conversation will be repeated Saturday at the Sheridan Memorial Hospital Community Room on Gould Street. (Photo from Sheridan Media files)

Albrecht said the Center for a Vital Community started the conversations about two years ago in an effort to revive civility and kindness.

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