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Hunter Safety Class Held in Clearmont

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The Hunter Safety class held in Clearmont at the Clear Creek Rec Center on May 22-24, had thirteen students in attendance. The course covered many aspects of hunting, and one student, Marcus Schneck, who took the class with his brother, Alex, explained.

According to Wyoming Game and Fish website, the basic purpose of hunter education is to reduce hunting incidents by teaching and promoting safe, legal, ethical and responsible hunting practices.

Topics taught include Hunter Responsibility and Ethics; Wildlife Conservation and Management; Firearms and Firearm Safety; Game and Fish Statutes and Regulations; Game Care and Wildlife Identification and Outdoor Safety.

Marcus Schneck with his patch

Schneck also talked about the outdoor safety segment of the class.

Troy Tobiasson, Wyoming Game and Fish, regional public access coordinator for the Sheridan Region and a senior game warden, taught the course with the help of Alex Ross, Volunteer and Ashley Compton Game and Fish Access Technician.

Tobiasson talked about the Clearmont class.

He also talked about who was required to have a hunter safety card to hunt. Anyone born after 1966, with some exceptions, are required to have the card.

Hunter safety cards are also required for hunting on Federal Wildlife Refuges, such as on the National Elk Refuge in Jackson Hole Wyoming.

Troy Tobiasson and Alec Ross

According to the Game and Fish Website, the traditional classes are 12-18 hours long over a period of 2-5 days. There is hands-on learning, and usual ages are nine years old and up. The age to legally hunt big game and trophy game in Wyoming is 12. Check the Wyoming Game and Fish Website for more information.

There was a 50-question multiple choice test as well as a firearm’s handling segment. Students at the Clearmont class went to the Guyer ranch east of Clearmont for an opportunity to practice with various firearms.

Quinn Harman with her new backpack and hat

Quinn Harman, who was one of the backpack winners, said “The class was really fun, there were good instructors and it covered everything.”

Tobiasson added about the hunter safety program.

Anyone interested in volunteering can go to the Wyoming Game and Fish website, or if you have questions that can’t be answered online, please call (307) 777-5070 or

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