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Sagebrush Elementary School Students Jog Up Funds

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Students at one Sheridan Elementary School were not only getting some exercise outside, they were raising funds so they can participate in future events.

Sagebrush Elementary School hosted a jog-a-thon event, where students at each grade level took about half an hour of their school day to go around the field, located behind their building.

Justin Rohrer is the school’s principal.

He says the idea for the event came from another school within Sheridan County School District 2.

He adds Sagebrush was using an idea that was having success elsewhere.

Justin Rohrer

“The idea actually started out at Woodland Park. SCSD2 is one of those districts that does a good job of collaborating and talking amongst one another and so Woodland Park had been doing a jog-a-thon for the past few years and they’ve had a lot of success with it, so we’ve watched their success and thought, ‘Hey, that might be something that would be worth our time as well.’”

The fundraiser brought in more than $15,000 to the school.

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