U.S. Attorney Klaassen Releases Statement on Formation of Tribal Task Force to Combat Meth

U.S. Attorney Mark Klaassen (courtesy photo)

U.S. Attorney for Wyoming Mark Klaassen issued a statement Friday on the Northern Arapaho Tribe’s resolution declaring a State of Emergency regarding methamphetamine usage on the Wind River Reservation.

Mark Klaassen

On Thursday, Northern Arapaho Tribal leaders and elders announced a resolution and formation of a tribal task force to combat the distribution and abuse of methamphetamine on the Reservation. The U.S. Attorney’s office is responsible for prosecuting drug trafficking across the State of Wyoming and on the Wind River Reservation, in conjunction with federal, state and tribal law enforcement. Working with a multi-agency and multi-jurisdictional investigative task force that is responsible for the investigation of drug traffickers, both on and off the Reservation, the U.S. Attorney’s office aggressively prosecutes all drug crime with the overarching goal of shutting down and disrupting the supply, distribution, use and abuse of controlled substances, including methamphetamine.

Recent successful felony prosecutions involving the Wind River Indian Reservation have resulted in the prosecution of ten drug-trafficking defendants. These prosecutions include defendants operating off-reservation who supplied persons on the Reservation involved in distributing user quantities of methamphetamine to addicted persons residing on tribal lands. Klaassen in a news release from the U.S. Attorney’s Office, said that the reality is there are no quick and easy answers, and the methamphetamine problem will not be solved through law enforcement alone, as the problem must be addressed from all sides and we must understand the root causes.

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