Sheridan Commission Ratifies Support Letter for Land Trust Application

Photo courtesy of Sheridan Community Land Trust

The Sheridan Community Land Trust (SCLT) is seeking funding from the Laura Jane Musser Foundation for construction of the next phase of the Red Grade Trails System called the Highlander Trail.

Sheridan County’s Commissioners have ratified a Letter of Support for the funding application.

According to the letter supplied by the commission, the Highlander Trail will be an approximately 3/4-mile hiking and biking trail that will connect the Aspen Parking Lot and Trailhead Parking Lot to the upper trails.

In the letter the commission said the Red Grade Trail System “advances goals of the county recognized by the Sheridan County Comprehensive Plan through planning and extending a regional non-motorized trails and pathways system, and planning and constructing a multi-use trail system.”

The letter commended the (land trust) SCLT for demonstrating the ability to build a successful trail system, and the county continues to be confident in their trail development role.

They asked for favorable consideration by the foundation of the SCLT’s funding proposal.

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