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W-TAP program authorizes critical travel, but not always 

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With the harsh weather conditions of this winter season, the Wyoming Highway Patrol has been forced to close the interstate multiple times this year. 

During an appearance on Sheridan Media’s Public Pulse program WHP Lieutenant Erik Jorgensen explained that if the road is closed, it boils down to a visibility factor not road conditions. 

Lt. E. Jorgenson

The lieutenant explained that when the interstate between Sheridan and Buffalo is closed, many local people take advantage of U.S. Highway 87, unfortunately so do many visitors passing through the area that may believe it’s a direct route. 

Lt. E. Jorgenson

In a best case scenario, those issues are the recovery of motorists who have tempted fate and become stranded which takes resources, time and risks putting troopers on road conditions already deemed unfit to travel. 

Jorgenson said if travel is absolutely critical, there is a program that any member of the public can apply for that will allow them to pass along the alternate U.S. Highway 87 route and get to or from Buffalo to Sheridan. 

Lt. E. Jorgenson

The W-TAP program does not always authorize travel. To register for W-TAP, click here.

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