Barrasso Bill Helps NATO Allies Escape Dependence on Russia

U.S. Senator John Barrasso (R-WY) re-introduced legislation aimed at enhancing the energy security of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) members by enhancing an escape from dependence on Russian energy. The “Energy Security Cooperation with Allied Partners in Europe (ESCAPE) Act is intended to quickly provide our allies with reliable and dependable American energy to stop Russia’s political coercion and manipulation in the region. In addition, the legislation mandates sanctions on Russian energy export pipelines.

Barrasso said in light of Russia’s year-long invasion of Ukraine, it is more important than ever to provide energy security to our allies in Europe, as Putin continues to use Europe’s dependence on Russian energy as a geopolitical weapon to coerce and pressure our allies. Barrasso added that the ESCAPE Act takes away Putin’s leverage through expanding American natural gas exports and the U.S. can help our allies obtain reliable American energy and loosen Putin’s political grip on the region.

Representative Carol Miller of West Virginia introduced the companion legislation in the U.S. House of Representatives.


  1. Maybe if the Nordstream pipeline was still working, our allies wouldn’t have an energy problem? What happened to that pipeline anyway? Can anyone state a single US national security interest in Ukraine? And it’s one of the most corrupt countries in the world…just ask Hunter.

  2. reply to Dennis Fox…sure Dennis I can answer your question which is…”Can anyone state a single US national security interest in Ukraine?”…and my answer to you is…to help prevent the spread of Communism and to defend “freedom”…

    • Is it worth destroying all life on planet earth?
      Ukraine and Russia have been “married” for the last thousand years or so. Kiev was the capital of Russia for hundreds or years. It’s a border squabble between European neighbors that has zero effect on US national security.

      • I don’t think people are taking that possibility (nuclear war) nearly seriously enough. I think Russia will use nuclear weapons if a military humiliation is imminent and I’m not sure the west won’t do the same if the Ukrainians are defeated. Both sides seem to have so much invested in this that neither can afford to lose. If that were to happen Humans wouldn’t be extinct but our entire civilization would be.

      • reply to Dennis Fox…whether to wage nuclear war is a decision that can only be made by government officials including the military. The loss of democracy, freedom, war crimes, atrocities and blackmail if appeased will only lead to further transgressions. I assume that many Russians are asking the same question you pose…whether taking the Ukraine is worth destroying the planet…Russia did back down during the Cuban missile crises. This is no “border squabble” and it’s not a “special military operation” either…it’s a war

        • The Cuban Missile Crisis is the perfect mirror image of what we face today. The Russians had placed ICBM’s in Cuba, giving the US only minutes to respond if they were launched. JFK imposed a naval blockade and negotiated peace with Russia by removing our missiles in Turkey in exchange for the Russians removing theirs in Cuba. Nuclear war was averted by wise leadership. Today, were are threatening to include Ukraine in NATO, which would place our missiles only minutes from Moscow. Moscow cannot tolerate that increased threat, just like we wouldn’t with Cuban/Russian missiles. Can Biden negotiate a peace deal to head-off WWIII? Let’s hope so.
          And waging war rests with the Congress, not gov’t officials or the military; at least that’s what the Constitution specifies. Wiping out all human life, seems a high price to pay over who governs Crimea.?

    • Whatever reason we’re involved there it’s not to “defend freedom” anymore than it was when we were in Vietnam or Iraq or Afghanistan.

  3. I just can’t take WY’s “senior senator” seriously. He has shown himself to be a hollow unprincipled political hack. He (and most of the GOP) just look for topics to rile up their base – chest thumping neo adolescents bound on running the show and telling all of the rest of us how to live. Even if he gets a position right, I suspect it is basically self-serving so he can stay at the public trough, bathe in acclaim, and live his life of power. No credibility. Guess its better than being a mediocre MD though, where colleagues eventually see thru such posturing.

    • That’s why they call him “photo OP John” always there for the photo and hot air, no action! Where is Mitch and the rest of your do nothing photo OP crew?

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