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Whitney Benefits Makes Changes to Student Loan Eligibility Requirements

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The Whitney Benefits Board of Directors recently voted to change the minimum residency requirement for student loan eligibility from seven years to four years. The change increases the availability of interest-free funding to more students in Sheridan and Johnson counties. The current policy remains with no residence requirement for students who have graduated from a high school in Sheridan or Johnson Counties (Wyoming), regardless of years of residency.

Whitney Board President Roy Garber said businesses in the community are seeking more skilled labor and our communities are seeing an increase in families moving into the area. Garber added that Whitney Benefits hopes that changes to the student loan eligibility will allow more people to obtain post-secondary schooling or training and increase the number of skilled workers in our communities and in Wyoming.

Whitney Benefits provides educational loans to vocational, undergraduate and graduate students to educational institutions across the country. The foundation granted its first loan in 1927 and as of June 30, 2022 has loaned a total of $49.6 million to a total of 6,127 students. If you are interested in learning more about the Whitney Student Loan Program, please call (307) 674-7303 or on their website.

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