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Wyoming High School All-State Music Event Taking Place In Sheridan

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There’s music in the air and it’s coming from Sheridan High School.

Several hundred Wyoming High School musicians and choir singers are in Sheridan for the annual All-State Music Event.

Sheridan hosts this year, because it was its turn in the 8-year rotation.

Performers were selected via recorded audition, and those who were selected have been placed with others that are around their skill and performance level.

While they practice, music educators are attending a professional development conference to share ideas and techniques that can be used in the classroom.

Brian Redmond is the President of the Wyoming Music Educators Association.

He says the all-state event is a chance for performers to play or sing musical pieces that they’re not used to seeing at their level.

Brian Redmond

“For some it’s a chance to challenge themselves and push the literature that they’re playing here and singing is beyond what you would normally find in a high school level repertoire. It really pushes them. It also gives them a chance to see the other students around the state, kind of that networking of getting to know the other students, who are passionate about the same things that they are.”

The Festival concludes Tuesday evening (January 17th) with a concert at Sheridan High School.

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