Clearmont Church Members Go on Honduras Mission

In the spirit of Christmas giving, from November 6 through the 15, eight Clearmont Community Church members spent 10 days in the Honduras town of Choluteca, helping the residents there.

Vivian Ramsay, and son Liam; Karis Prusak, and daughter Elisete; Shane and Christine Hampshire and their son Beniah, along with Joe Clingan made the trip.

Cody Ramsay, Clearmont Church Pastor who spear-headed the trip, but didn’t join them this year, talked about why they went and what they did.

“They went down and did a women’s conference to give encouragement to the women there. They passed out hundreds of toys to the children and bought food for poor people. They took 10 extra suitcases filled with clothes to be given to the needy people.”

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Ramsay said that the schools there are very active in Christianity.

He added that they value the message that Christianity brings. He felt that they see the benefit of morality that the Bible teaches. He said, “We have seen a huge drop in morality among the young people in the United States.”

He said that he feels that through the Bible teachings, the people there in Choluteca are gaining a greater appreciation of each other, of God and of creation.

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He talked about the work the church members did in Choluteca.

He said the trip had a great impact on his 10-year-old son, who attends 4th grade in Clearmont.

Ramsay said while the group was there they visited the hospitals, and the hospitals are pretty bad.

He said that in late spring of 2023, he hopes to lead a medical mission team there. “I’m going to try to get some nurses and doctors down there, there is a terrible need for medical attention. We’d like to set up a weeklong clinic for basic treatment for the people there who can’t afford medical treatment, and we would like to raise money for supplies such as antibiotics, which are badly needed. That is my hope.”

He said the group went to see a pastor there, and he is paying for food for many of the kids. Ramsay said that he and Vivian are sponsoring the pastor and giving him some help.

Vivian, who was on the trip, said, “It was humbling to see how the people live. A lot of people need a lot of help down there. It was a good trip,” she added.

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If anyone is interested in learning more about the mission down there, including the medical mission, or wants to donate money or time can call Pastor Ramsay at the Clearmont Community Church, 307-758-4597.

“Money is good,” Ramsay said, “But people are better. Going and actually experiencing Honduras and being present and building relationships is the most important.” he said.

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