‘Longmire’ Actors to Appear at St. Francis Benefit


The St. Francis Animal Shelter in Buffalo will be having a fundraising event next month, and two actors from the “Longmire” television series will be attending and bringing items from the show to auction.

Jennifer McCormick, with the St. Francis Animal Shelter, explains why Robert Taylor and Adam Bartley decided to help the local shelter.

The shelter’s “Speakeasy Soiree” will feature Adam Bartley performing with the Buffalo High School Jazz Band, dinner, silent and live auctions, drinks, and music by the Instigators and starts at 6pm.

Tickets for all of the events are $100 each, or $20 each for just the dance with the Instigators, which starts at 8pm.

The event will be Friday, March 6th at the Bomber Mountain Civic Center and are available at the St. Francis Animal Shelter.

Contact the shelter for tickets or more information at (307) 684-1738, or email at sfasfundraiser@gmail.com

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9 months ago

I miss all of you?❤

Cathy Buskirk
9 months ago

I Love this Show! Just finished it last week on Netflix…. And probably going to start from Season 1 soon! Oh how I wish I could be there for this auction… It’s a perfect fit… I Love animals & I Love Longmire!

Jean Germain
9 months ago

Cast of LONGMIRE….WE MISS YOU SO MUCH !!! Why can’t you make more episodes / seasons ??!!! We are NOW WATCHING REPEATS OF ALL SEASONS….LOVED THE SHOW AND TRULY MISS YOU ALL !!! GREAT SERIES…♡♡♡♡

9 months ago

Sure miss the show..Love you guys!!!

9 months ago

Missing you and the show…

Joe Braddy
9 months ago

Will there be on line Bidding?

Ralph Key
9 months ago

Great character development. A show that is distinctly different from all others. All characters are great especially Robert Taylor and Lou Diamond Phillip. Walt is a modern day Matt Dillon. Watching reruns for the second time now. Just ordered a Longmire T-shirt. I’m sure the cast will be a big draw for the event.

Reply to  Ralph Key
9 months ago

I loved the series, fell in love with Robert Taylor’s character, and would like to see more of this great series.

9 months ago

It made me sad to watch the last episode & know this fantastic show was over. All the actors are exceptional. Bring it back!

9 months ago

I love Robert Taylor and cast of Longmire please please run another series with his daughter running for Sheriff this show is great thank about it because we love this series. I be waiting. Great they helping the animals.

9 months ago

I was vacationing in Scotland when I first saw Longmire. I was hooked! I’m with you guys; there’s many more stories to tell with this show. BRING IT BACK!

Madeline talley
9 months ago

Love love love longmire.i watched the entire series 9 times.will watch until I die or NETFLIX drops it.WE WANT MORE.

Chris Collins
9 months ago

I have binge watched Longmire over and over on Netflix, BRING IT BACK PLEASE!!

Santa Bill
9 months ago

I normally wouldn’t bother commenting, but perchance a producer might ‘get wind’ there are many of us who long for a continuation of the Longmire series! Yes, Katie must run for Sheriff!!!

Reply to  Santa Bill
9 months ago


Don Pedroche
9 months ago

My wife got me hooked…
Both want more?

9 months ago

I would vote for Kady! Kay for President 2020!!!