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UW to offer carbon capture and land administration certificates

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The University of Wyoming will offer two new certificate programs to equip current students and working professionals in the evolving energy landscape.

Approved by the UW Board of Trustees during its November meeting, the School of Energy Resources (SER), in collaboration with other colleges and schools across campus, will launch a new undergraduate certificate program in carbon capture, utilization and storage (CCUS) and a land administration undergraduate certificate program.

UW Director of Institutional Communications Chad Baldwin told listeners of Sheridan Meida’s Public Pulse program these certificate programs are only a part of a growing element of the carbon industry in the Cowboy State.  

C. Baldwin

According to UW, both of these certificates will provide students and industry workers with the skills to take on new challenges, make an impact on global decarbonization efforts, and advance their careers.

The certificate includes a comprehensive cross-section of disciplines covering the technology, economics and policy of CCUS, and it is designed for a broad, multidisciplinary audience with an interest in energy, sustainability and climate change mitigation.

Both certificates are designed for working professionals or students currently seeking credentials and can be completed online synchronously or in person. They will be available beginning in fall 2023.

To learn more about the certificates, email UW’s SER at

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