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Computer Software Development Degree Program Beginning To Gain Momentum

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Sheridan College could soon be leading the way in Wyoming for those interested in at least the first 2 years of a degree in software development.

Recently, discussion of the College’s new software development degree program was held between the college and the Wyoming Legislature’s Joint Education Committee.

Currently Western Wyoming Community College and Northwest College are working with Sheridan College to offer the degree and the University of Wyoming is working to create the last 2 years of a bachelor’s degree.

Sheridan College President Dr. Walter Tribley says some may confuse a software developer with a computer scientist and explains that the scientist concentrates more on hardware interface and software systems by using mathematical algorithms.

Dr. Walter Tribley

“A computer scientist is somebody that determines how to do things like develop voice recognition that we’re all using on our cell phones and other devices. Once that invention is invented, a software developer can take that code if you will and plug it into software, when it makes sense. So a software developer doesn’t need all that mathematics, etcetera.”

Dr. Tribley adds the computer software degree program at Sheridan College should begin in the fall semester of next year.

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