Lunar Eclipse To Occur Before Dawn Tuesday, November 8, 2022

Kevin Koile - Sheridan Media

Halloween was about 1 week ago, but there will be a little bit of ‘blood’ in the skies.

A lunar eclipse will take place on Tuesday (November 8th), as the Earth passes between the sun and the moon, which will cause the planet to cast its shadow on its orbiting satellite, turning it into a blood red color.

The penumbral portion of the eclipse will start at about 1:02am on Tuesday.

This is when the moon passes through the outer region of the Earth’s shadow.

Astronomers say a slight gray shade may appear on the moon’s surface, but it’s usually not noticeable.

The partial eclipse will start at about 2:08am, when the moon starts to pass through the main portion of the Earth’s shadow.

During that time, the moon will darken and eventually appear as a blood red color to viewers.

At about 3:16am, the moon will be fully eclipsed, and will stay that way until about 4:41am.

After that, the eclipse process will start to reverse itself.

The moon will be back in the penumbral phase at about 5:49am, and then be completely out of the Earth’s shadow at 6:56am and by that time, the moon will almost be out of the horizon.

Sunrise is anticipated to take place at 6:54am.

Anyone wanting to watch the lunar eclipse could have a difficult time, because the National Weather Service in Billings, Montana is forecasting mostly cloudy skies during the event, with a 40% chance of rain and/or snow.

The next visible lunar eclipse will not be visible in Wyoming until March 14th, 2025.

Click here to view a computer simulation of the lunar eclipse.

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