Man Accused of Sexually Abusing a Minor Arraigned in District Court

An arraignment hearing for 22-year-old Jade Hotchkin was held Tuesday in Fourth Judicial District Court in Sheridan. Hotchkin pleaded not guilty and not guilty by reason of mental impairment or deficiency to the charges of first degree sexual abuse of a minor and second degree sexual abuse of a minor.  The alleged crimes occurred between January 4 and September 20 of 2016 when Hotchkin was 16 years of age and the victim was 8-years-old.

An evaluation by the Wyoming State Hospital must now be performed to determine if Hotchkin is competent to stand trial. A pretrial conference was not scheduled at Tuesday’s hearing as District Court Judge Darci Phillips said a status hearing would be held once the mental health evaluation has been completed and the results from the State Hospital have been submitted to the Court.

A three-day jury trial was tentatively set for February, 2023. Judge Phillips said it is likely the trial date will get moved due to the mental health evaluation. The $50,000 cash bond that was set in Circuit Court on September 1 was continued by the Court. If convicted on both counts, Hotchkin faces up to 70 years in prison.

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