Koltiska Pumpkin Patch Open For 2022 Halloween Season

Kevin Koile - Sheridan Media

You might say a farming and ranching family east of Sheridan has more of an orange thumb than a green one.

The Koltiska family has been growing pumpkins for about 25 years, and opened the pumpkin patch about 18 years ago.

Planting starts in middle to late May, because the ground needs to be warm enough for the pumpkins to grow.

Gary Koltiska says the family plants about 20,000 seeds each season, and it costs about 10-to-12 cents per seed

He adds most of the people that visit don’t know much about agriculture, but seeing the astonishment in a childs’ eyes and seeing the older people relive some of their younger days, makes it worth all the effort that the family has to put in.

Gary Koltiska

The Koltiska Pumpkin Path is open Wednesday thru Fridays beginning at 3pm, and Saturday and Sundays beginning at 11am.

The last ride to the patch is at 6pm.

The last day of pumpkin sales is on October 9th.


  1. I was sooo excited to bring my grandkids to the pumpkin patch this year..and then I found out that you are closing on the 9th. they live 8 hours away and won’t be here until the 14th. so sorry to miss it!

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