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Henderson Retires After Over Two Decades of Service as Executive Director for Whitney Benefits

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The longtime executive director of an educational foundation in Sheridan has retired. Sheridan Media’s Ron Richter has the details.

Henderson Retires

After 22-years of dedicated service, Whitney Benefits Executive Director Patrick Henderson has retired. In a letter from Whitney Board President Roy Garber, it states that Henderson wished to take an early retirement for unforeseen medical reasons. The letter further states that Henderson has served the Whitney Board and the community with a passion and record of success that has not gone unnoticed and under his leadership as executive director, Whitney has expanded and regularly pivoted to meet the ever changing needs of the community.

Garber writes that it would be impossible to list all of Henderson’s contributions to Whitney and the community, but a few highlights of Henderson’s impact over the past two decades include the extension of the Whitney interest-free student loan program to include students in Johnson County; expansion and construction at Sheridan College, including the Career and Technology programs and the Allied Health Project; facilitation of cooperation between the University of Wyoming and Sheridan College to create multiple endowed positions including those in Agriculture and Allied Health, and  countless partnerships for community benefit including the creation of trail-ways, the construction of Whitney Commons, the Whitney Ice Rink and the gift of water for greenspaces and parks across the City of Sheridan.

Garber said that on behalf of the Whitney Board, he would like to extend their most sincere gratitude and recognize the accomplishments to which Henderson has pushed the foundation to achieve and that they are confident that Edward A. Whitney would be proud of all that has been achieved and the people that have been served during Henderson’s time as executive director. The Whitney Board has initiated the process of filling the executive director position and understands finding the right person to lead the foundation forward is not to be done hastily. In the meantime, the Whitney staff will continue to fulfill Edward A. Whitney’s mission in their daily duties with oversight by the Board of Trustees.

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