Sheridan County Predator Management District Raising Awareness Regarding Rabies

A group that oversees the management of predatory animals in Sheridan County says incidents involving a virus that can infect humans and mammals are happening more often than people may realize.

The Sheridan County Predator Management District is working on spreading awareness of rabies which is eventually fatal once a person or animal gets it.

In Wyoming, skunks and bats are the primary carriers of rabies.

Preventative steps against rabies include vaccinating all pets, keeping pet food away from wildlife, keeping your yard and home clean from trash and potential wildlife habitat and reporting unknown or strange acting animals to an animal control officer.

Cole Benton is the Chairman of the District.

He says parents and children need to be very cautious around bummed or orphaned calves and lambs, because giving those animals a simple gesture as a loving hug, could turn out to be fatal.

Cole Benton

“That same animal, being as gentle as it is, is going to be penned up, a rabid animal goes through that animal’s pen and gets the bum calf or lamb gets bit and then those kids are down there hugging it, that’s something very serious that I don’t think very many parents would think about.”

Animals that are suspected to have rabies can be submitted for testing to the Wyoming State Veterinary Laboratory in Laramie.

In most cases, only the head from the animal is required.

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