Sheridan Police Department Requesting Private Surveillance Camera Information

Kevin Koile - Sheridan Media

A video camera can record footage that could help Sheridan police solve a crime, but investigators may not always know that video exists and are asking for the public’s cooperation.

Many residents and businesses have installed on site cameras, and the Sheridan Police Department would like to solicit information to create a contact list of video sources.

The Department says in the future, if it is believed a camera may have relevant footage, the camera owner could be contacted to see if video exists.

SPD is not requesting login information or access to any camera system at any time on their own and will only use privately provided surveillance footage to investigate crimes.

If you have a camera and would like to be of future help, you can contact the Sheridan Police Department.

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  1. If that isn’t “big brother” I don’t know what is . Anyone who would sign up for this kind of thing is a Republican in name only. My cameras are for my own use, if I hear about an incident next to me I will review the footage and contact law enforcement if it will be of use to them. It’s scary that this is even a proposition.

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