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New Studies Suggest Wyoming and Montana Are Not Good In Terms Of Teen Drivers And Job Resignation

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Because of Wyoming’s and Montana’s low population numbers, both states did not look good in two new studies conducted by WalletHub.

The 2 states ranked in the bottom 2 in the US for teen drivers, and in the top 3 for having the highest job resignation rate in the last month and the last 12 months combined.

For the teen driver study, a number of factors were considered such as teen driver fatality rate, teen DUI’s, quality of roads, average cost of car repairs, average cost of gas, and premium increase after adding a teen driver to a parent’s auto-insurance policy.

Montana’s numbers were worse than Wyoming’s.

In the job resignation study, both states had a 4% resignation rate in the last month.

For the last 12 months, Wyoming’s resignation rate was at 3.66%, while Montana’s was at 3.69%.

The only state that had higher resignation rate numbers was Alaska.

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