Governor Gordon Joins Coalition Calling for Biden to Reject Climate Rule Penalizing Energy Companies

Wyoming Governor Mark Gordon joined a coalition of 16 governors taking aim at a proposed Biden Administration rule that would penalize companies engaged in traditional energy development. Sheridan Media’s Ron Richter has the details.

Coalition Letter

The letter that was sent to President Joe Biden and U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission Chairman Gary Gensler opposes a proposed rule that would require publicly traded companies to make detailed disclosures about climate-change risks and greenhouse gas emissions. The coalition of governors view the rule as prejudicial to business and a disservice to investors by increasing compliance costs, necessitating speculation and disclosures that the federal government is not properly equipped to judge.

Wyoming Governor Mark Gordon said this is yet another example of shortsighted federal overreach targeting Wyoming’s energy industry. Gordon said while energy prices are skyrocketing, the Biden Administration continues to use its powers to suppress free markets and discourage oil and gas investment, rather than cultivating market solutions to climate concerns. A copy of the letter may be found here


  1. So you oppose transparency in publicly traded companies because it might hurt their bottom line. Please show us how this aligns with your campaign promises to clean up the system? Or does that only apply to industries that don’t give you millions of dollars?

    • Seems like biden wants to regiment all industry and commerce, ray. What is that called again? It was popular in 30s and 40s, and I think some guy named benito formed a govt based on it, but I cant put my finger on it. It also goes along with a ministry of truth, and an office of environmental justice.

      • Actually the guy who did that in the 30’s and 40’s was FDR, and it worked out pretty well. Mussolini claimed to do it, but he made the trains run on time by fudging the schedules. El Duce was more like your favorite blowhard (well, actually Berlusconi is an even more apt comparison).

        • A green economy is a dead economy, ray, enjoy your $10/gal gas and empty shelves at the grocery store.

  2. If you want to see the plan that team biden is following, look no further than the WEFs website. When you hear the word “transition” in reference to a green economy, it means the goal is to destroy the US economy in order to rebuild one that aligns with the green cult (see build back better). You will suffer during the transition, they have stated (Davos), and you dont have to look very far to see that this is already happening with the rising food and gas prices. They will blame the ruskies, Trump, etc, but when you peel back the veneer and read bidens EOs and listen to what he said during the 2020 primaries, the truth will be seen. “You will own nothing, and be happy!” ~ the WEF….”NO new drilling on public lands on day ONE!” ~ biden

    • triggered… over 50 percent of country think biden is incompetent.. 75percent think the nation is on the wrong path–and you disrespect trump? PRICELESS

      • You’re correct, Biden is a failure by any reasonable standard. Anyone who can beat the malignant Chitto by only 6% is pretty much a failure.

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