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Sheridan County Has Sand, Bags for Those Experiencing Flooding

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Sheridan County will be providing sand and sandbags in a number of locations throughout the county for residents experiencing flooding.

Sheridan County Emergency Management, in a release Tuesday, said the National Weather Service had issued Flood Advisories for areas within the county, and listed locations where sand and sandbags could be obtained.

They include the Fire Halls in Story and Big Horn; the County Shop; County Fairgrounds; behind the Ranchester Town Hall; and the Dayton Town Shop.

They ask the public to contact combined dispatch at (307) 672-2413 if bag and/or sand supplies begin to run low, and to not wait until supplies are gone to allow for lead time to replenish supplies.

The release also gave self-fill tips for sandbags.

  • Have at least 1 person with you to help fill
  • Plan on using your own gear, bring a shovel; irrigation (chisel point) shovel works best for filling sandbags
  • Avoid injury – lift with your legs, not your back
  • Wear gloves; avoid contact with eyes and mouth. Sandbags are treated to resist deterioration.
  • Fill more than one-half but less than two-thirds full
  • Do not overfill sandbags
  • If bags are over-filled the risk of splitting increases
  • Bags have been exposed to the elements and some may be prone to splitting
  • If bags are not over-filled (2/3rds or more) you should be ok, but watch for fabric failure and double bag as needed

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