Catalytic Converters Stolen In Sheridan Area

It’s a device on a vehicle that helps car manufacturers comply with the Environmental Protection Agency’s stringent regulations on fuel emissions, but lately some Sheridan area thieves have been wanting it for other reasons

The Sheridan Police Department says between April 20th and May 23rd, six people have reported theft of catalytic converters from their vehicle.

Four of the six targeted vehicles were larger Ford vans at the 350 level or above.

A catalytic converter turns toxins generated by vehicles into less harmful gasses like water vapor and carbon dioxide, and have been required on all vehicles since 1975.

Thieves are usually after the valuable metals that a converter has, because a lot of money can be made when they are sold to a recycling center.

Law enforcement recommends that you find out if your vehicle could be a target for converter thefts, and check your vehicle insurance to see if the converter is covered.

Some theft prevention experts suggest you put on some high-temperature fluorescent orange paint on the converter and/or etch your license plate or VIN number on it.

This can degrade the sale value of the converter and could make it traceable. 


  1. this disease has spread down from Billings. we need to find these clowns and put them in jail for the maximum time period, immediately. this is just the beginning. car thefts are next.

  2. We had a rash of thefts on the east coast at park and rides. They like vehicles they can get under easily to saw or use a pipe cutter to get them off. Garage if possible and high intensity motion lights will also help.

  3. Why are these allowed to be recycled for cash without some form of paperwork?
    It seems pretty obvious that if catalytic converters required a document signed by a licensed mechanic to be recycled, you would solve this problem or at least have somewhere to start looking for criminals.

  4. Unlawlessness is not a religion. But crime should always be punished, stealing is going against God’s Law

  5. West coast cock roaches are spreading. Lived in Idaho for 25 years. The cancer spread there to driving me out. 5 years from now just call Sheridan Calidan.

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