Buffalo Council Develops Strategic Plan

Buffalo’s City Council has identified a number of priorities they will concentrate on in the coming years through a strategic planning exercise they participated in this past week.

Although no formal decisions were made by the council during the exercise, they did identify projects that deserve their attention.

Mayor Shane Schrader explains the reason for the exercise and how the city will benefit from the priorities named in the exercise.

Some of the priorities the city put on the list include the Downtown Streetscape and the 2024 WYDOT Main Street construction project; employee relations and retention; a 3 to 5-year comprehensive street repair and maintenance plan; support for the skilled nursing facility; a decision on city hall improvement, renovation, or relocation; the future of the Bomber Mountain Civic Center; the Sports Field Complex; and the Buffalo Business Park.

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  1. How about buying a snowplow and paying somebody to maintain our roads in the winter? Crazy idea i know. Who needs that when we could build a new city hall!

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