New Owner Speaks About Plans for the Sheridan Inn

It was announced on Wednesday that The Historic Sheridan Inn was purchased by a local hotel management group, who also own the Sheridan Center on North Main. The new owner joins the existing staff already in place to operate the hotel.

Karen Schumacher, the General Manager of the Sheridan Center for four years had this to say about some of their plans. “Our first focus is the rooms. We plan to host some events as a way to be involved with the community. The Sheridan Inn is a part of our history, and the history of Wyoming and the nation. We look forward to becoming a part of the team there.”

The Sheridan Inn is registered as a National Historic Landmark, and designated as a Historic Hotel of America. It was built by the Sheridan Land Company and funded in part by the Burlington Missouri Railroad in 1892, and opened in 1893. Buffalo Bill was a part owner of the Inn, and often auditioned performers for his wild west show from the front porch.

The Inn cost about $25,000 when it was first built. It is three stories and when it first opened there were 62 sleeping rooms, a saloon and billiards room, a dining room, and kitchen.

Today, there are twenty-two in-the-period rooms, named after Buffalo Bill and twenty-one key characters from his life. There is information on each of these people available. Many of the characters are icons of the American West.

The Inn will continue to be marketed as a boutique hotel, highlighting its authentic western charm and rich history.

Schumacher said that plans to reopen the lounge and the restaurant are possible, but she added, “We want to be very thoughtful about that.”

Schumacher said that they will offer vouchers for breakfast at the nearby Welcome Market Hall. “They are open six days a week. On the day they are closed they plan to have food we can serve here, so there will be a breakfast every morning.”

She added that they offer vouchers at the Sheridan Center, and that there are many good breakfast restaurants in Sheridan, and it is a way of working with local businesses and focusing on community-centered events and happenings. “We plan to use local coffee as well,” Schumacher said.

The previous owners, Bob and Dana Townsend, and the interim General Manager, Matt White, are working in stride with the new owner to ensure a smooth transition.


  1. Best of Luck in this endeavor – this Hotel is beautiful and I hope all goes well in this next chapter.

  2. Opening the saloon with bar foods would be a great way to start inviting the community to enjoy the Inn. What you will need to have is very good management and workers. With proper training and a good salary I think you could make this operation profitable for the Inn. I would love to think I can bring my out of town guests there for one of the highlights of their visit to Sheridan. We have been locked out of the Inn for too long.

  3. Maybe you saved it from Robert I. Diefenderfer years earlier. But look at all the misfortunes everyone has had since. The Railroad build the Sheridan Inn for people to stay at. I would think if you would open it up as it was many moons ago that a great cook could make it a wonderful place to eat and get a nice drink, and a live band could make to old sounds alive again. Its a craftmanship at it finest.

  4. Hope it gets returned to its original glory as a community gathering place. Townsends worked hard and spent a ton of money on the rooms, heating and other improvements. Thank you for investing in it.

  5. I absolutely Love this idea and am in full support of this I an a dishwasher at Welcome Markethall and I Love my Job and I hope to see myself working there for a long time

  6. Do we get the statue of the dancing couple put back on the front lawn again? I truly miss seeing it, and where it is at now doesn’t really fit. It belongs at the Sheridan Inn.

  7. Awesome and thank you for now operating it locally. I look forward to attending many events there!

  8. Without a good restaurant and bar the Inn will not be part of Sheridan the way it was meant to be. bring in a top Chef and people will be lined up waiting to get a table. I hope they will bring back The Dance…the Inn lawn us where it was meant to be! The Inn is so special to Sheridan and to see it just sitting there is heartbreaking!

  9. Would love to see the Inn as a special place to eat and or stay. It could once again be to focal point of our town

  10. Thank you to the Townsends for the beautiful restoration and keeping The Inn unique to it’s heritage! We are grateful for your contribution to Sheridan which will live on through The Sheridan Inn!

  11. Thank you to Bob & Dana Townsend for “saving” and restoring the Sheridan Inn for our community. Now to the new owners – open the restaurant and bar…and, people will come back! The Inn is a great part of Sheridan’s history; and, very good for the tourism trade in the future.

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