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Student Athletes, Singers honored at SCSD#2 April Board Meeting

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Stephanie Zukowski (right) and three of her students who performed in “The Little Mermaid

Honoring student athletes and singers, as well as trans-gendered students, were topics at the SCSD #2 board meeting on Monday, April 11. Around 20 community members attended the meeting. Chairman Sue Wilson read the policy that governs community comments and thanked community members for being at the meeting and airing their concerns.

Coach Taylor Kelting spoke on the Boys Indoor State Champions and Individual state champions. He said there were 12 state champions from Sheridan High School and 15 all state athletics. One girl track athletic was recognized as well.

“This is an incredible group of kids who should excel in whatever they want to do,” Kelting said.

Coach Tyson Shatto introduced Dane Steel, the state wrestling champion, and Stephanie Zukowski introduced three youngsters who were a part of the Spring High School Musical The Little Mermaid.

She said one thing that goes unsaid, is that, yes, a lot of the student body is involved in the production and she introduced three of the students who acted and sang in the play:

Mitch Craft reported on the 2022 best school rankings, and said that SHS has been ranked first three times in the past five years. “This is a great celebration of collaboration between teachers and parents and students, he said. We are proud of it.”

Chairman Sue Wilson said that it speaks to the importance of everyone in the school, “It takes all of us to make a district successful.”

Scott Stults, Superintendent, gave a COVID-19 update, saying that unless something changes drastically, “Tonight will be the last time I have to give an update.”

Several policies, board goals, the high school handbooks, were approved, and Rebecca Adsit gave a report on the school calendar for the 2023-2024 school year. Troy Decker reported on the SHJS HVAC work, and he recommended that Associated Construction, a local firm, be hired to complete the work.

He also reported on the SHS bleachers in the gym, and their was only one firm, Tutt Construction, Inc., out of Billings, with a bid of $226,150. The bleachers will be ADA compliant with new hand rails for safety, and the capacity will be somewhat less due to the new handrails.

Andrew Patceg

Three community members, Tara Schultz, and Andrew and Brandy Patceg, spoke to the board about their concerns of trans gendered students being able to use the restrooms of their preferred gender rather than their biological gender. The parents felt it was an unsafe situation should a trans gendered male be allowed to us a girls bathroom, and they read of some instances where there have been problems, and that it creates a danger for young women.

It was suggested that trans-gender students have a rest room with a locking door, rather that using the restrooms for biological males or females.

Stults urged to parents to bring their concerns to him as well.

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