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Charles Cole
13 days ago

So, y’all have concluded that the idea of Antifa plants in the MAGA demonstration who may have incited this violence has been “debunked?” Suggestion: how about we wait until we hear from all the players, including some of the many folks who are saying that they saw such types in the crowd giving signals to people to “move into place,” etc.? You’ve jumped to the same conclusion that the MSM have and I think that’s a tad premature. And, if you think about it, what did the riotous disruptions of the congressional session achieve? I think it may have achieved the same thing that the MSM and every court in the country except one in PA achieved — hard, factual evidence has not been permitted to be shown to the American people. We’ll see as time proceeds how that notion turns out, but, for now, I wouldn’t rule it out, having carefully observed the actions of the left in this country for most of my adult life. As to Section 530, you’re also taking a somewhat rosy glasses view of that one. Do you really think that the powers that be at FB and Twitter, after numerous examples of egregious political censorship were highlighted by the Senate committee investigating the Section 230 matter are simply “fact checking?” And, who, pray tell, is fact checking the fact checkers? Ironically, the primary reason that the president originally vetoed the Defense Appropriations Bill is that it failed to address the Section 230 matter, but purposely excluded it from inclusion in that omnibus bill. Fellas, I gotta tell ya, it’s starting to look like y’all are leaning discernably to the left. As to censorship on social media, do you agree with Michelle Obama’s recommendation that Trump be permanently banned from all such sites? If so, please explain why you think so.